Monday, September 7, 2009

Blog Award from Arlene

I received a my first blog award from Arlene from over at Butterfly Kissess. Thanks Arlene! Part of accepting the award is telling 5 things about me.

1. I love drinking iced coffee.
2. I have an addiction to buying scrapbooking supplies.
3. I LOVE the Twilight Series and will be the first in line to see the New Moon movie.
4. Have a goal of running my first half marathon this year.
5. My kids at this time are three pygmy goats.

Thanks again to Arlene for the award and enjoy!


  1. Hooooooray! Thanks for playing Tiffanie! I have an addiction to drinking iced coffee myself... hehe! On days I don't get my coffee... I have really bad headaches.... eeeek! lol! :-) have a great night... I love your blog! :-) hugs from a fellow Twilight fanatic... hehe! Arlene :-)

  2. Hey Tiffanie!! I have a video posted of the mini I made for you! :)
    My boyfriend and I have a goal of running a half marathon also! Haha, but so far we're failing at practicing. & Goats are cute!!

    I really hope you like your album, I'm going to try to send it to you soon. I sent you a message on The Scrap Beach!